Procaffeination (Edinburgh)

Welcome to beautiful, sunny Edinburgh!

Today I had a wonderfully lazy afternoon at Edinburgh’s Procaffeination just off the Royal Mile. Sure, caffein conjures the image of coffee, and sure, they do coffee – but tea also has caffein. I’ve walked past this little cafe several times and finally decided to nip in.


The cafe is quite small and there’s only 3 tables and 2 bars for people to sit at, so if you’re coming to visit with a big group that could be an issue. The decor is a bohemian shabby chic kind of rustic, with a pretty cool wooden floor and designs. The staff is really nice, especially the owner who is totally fine with people asking silly questions about Czech cakes.


The brand  they sell at Procaffeination is Suki Tea. I went for a lovely Apple Loves Mint infusion with apple, papaya, peppermint, and rosebuds. I’ve recently been in a peppermint tea kind of mood, and although this tea is absolutely delicious, it’s not very minty (just for your information!) For a nice complementary bite I went for the fruit scone – yes, I am one of those fruit scone loving people. Strangely the scone came toasted? Also there was no clotted cream, just butter and jam. It was all very fine, just some choices I had never seen made before!

(Picture from our Instagram tea.and.tales)

Overall I recommend Procaffeination. The tea, although I have only sampled one kind, is great, the scones, although mine came toasted and without cream, and the staff is lovely. It’s a cute little cafe, and it being situated just off the Royal Mile makes it easily accessible and a good pitstop on an Edinburgh city trip.

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