Café Nom de Plume (Edinburgh)

It's hard, being on a diet and blogging about tea and cakes every Monday, not gonna lie. (Coincidentally, that may be a part of the reason why I'm on a diet...) That said, there is a specific kind of feeling of achievement when you've calculated your calorific budget so that you can fit in scone … Continue reading Café Nom de Plume (Edinburgh)

Procaffeination (Edinburgh)

Welcome to beautiful, sunny Edinburgh! Today I had a wonderfully lazy afternoon at Edinburgh's Procaffeination just off the Royal Mile. Sure, caffein conjures the image of coffee, and sure, they do coffee - but tea also has caffein. I've walked past this little cafe several times and finally decided to nip in. The cafe is quite … Continue reading Procaffeination (Edinburgh)

Clarinda’s Tea Room (Edinburgh) It seems like finally, spring has sprung up here in cold, foggy Scotland! The sun is shining, Arthur's Seat is glistening in the sun, and I feel super cool in my sunglasses (alright, maybe not that cool, but still). There's not much that can beat a walk through a sunlit Edinburgh, except maybe having an … Continue reading Clarinda’s Tea Room (Edinburgh)