Patisserie Valerie (Edinburgh)

Another Sunday, another cheat day! For this week's review we went to Patisserie Valerie, marking this our first large chain review! Patisserie Valerie, of course, is a UK wide chain known mostly for their cake slices and hot drinks. But you would be amiss to forget that they also do afternoon tea (£25 for 2)! … Continue reading Patisserie Valerie (Edinburgh)

Clarinda’s Tea Room (Edinburgh) It seems like finally, spring has sprung up here in cold, foggy Scotland! The sun is shining, Arthur's Seat is glistening in the sun, and I feel super cool in my sunglasses (alright, maybe not that cool, but still). There's not much that can beat a walk through a sunlit Edinburgh, except maybe having an … Continue reading Clarinda’s Tea Room (Edinburgh)