The Pinhoe Egg – Final Chrestomanci Review

Oh here it is! The final review of the Chrestomanci series is finally here - don't worry dear reader, I found it. Remember how I said this would be a review month theme for February? Yeah.. So anyways, now let's get to the review! This story is about a village next to Chrestomanci castle, where … Continue reading The Pinhoe Egg – Final Chrestomanci Review

Conrad’s Fate – Chrestomanci 5

Alright, so last week's review didn't happen - but in all fairness, I have some pretty exciting life stuff going on at the moment (squee fingers crossed!) that has been taking up a lot of energy and time, that I will only disclose when it's done (and it's super exciting)! Also I downloaded and finished Undertale over … Continue reading Conrad’s Fate – Chrestomanci 5

The Magicians of Caprona – Chrestomanci #2

Wooh, welcome to the second installment of Chrestomanci month*! So if you follow us on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram (we are so modern and down with it), you may have noticed that this post came with its own personal drama. Don't worry though, the creative juices are flowing, and the book is still fresh in my mind! Also … Continue reading The Magicians of Caprona – Chrestomanci #2

Charmed Life – Chrestomanci #1

Wait, is that Hogwarts? Why yes, yes it is. Welcome to Februari on the blog, where we'll be going through one of the best fantasy quartets ever: Diana Wynne Jones's Chrestomanci series. Diana Wynne Jones was a brilliantly funny, creative and engaging children's fiction writer, and she is definitely not famous enough. This was one talented lady, and … Continue reading Charmed Life – Chrestomanci #1