Tom’s Midnight Garden

Today it's time to talk about a beautiful little book called Tom's Midnight Garden. I picked it up from the classics section of my local bookstore, and absolutely fell in love with it! I cannot believe that I have never read this book before, especially considering my deep love for Burnett's The Secret Garden. So, to rectify … Continue reading Tom’s Midnight Garden

Dalriada (Portobello)

The past couple of weeks have been rather inconsistent here on the blog, with my PhD application, holidays, and a small personal issue, but we're back in the full swing of things starting this week! Last weekend my partner and I went for a short beach escape to Portobello. It's smallish, and it was freezing, … Continue reading Dalriada (Portobello)

Clarinda’s Tea Room (Edinburgh) It seems like finally, spring has sprung up here in cold, foggy Scotland! The sun is shining, Arthur's Seat is glistening in the sun, and I feel super cool in my sunglasses (alright, maybe not that cool, but still). There's not much that can beat a walk through a sunlit Edinburgh, except maybe having an … Continue reading Clarinda’s Tea Room (Edinburgh)