Blogging Hiatus

Hi guys!

As you may have noticed, it’s been a while since I posted on the blog and I feel really guilty about it.

I first started writing this blog when I was working full time at a call centre, a job which I hated so much that the small amount of time and energy I had left in a day I spent crying in bed. After chatting with my mum about it, she recommended me to start a blog to talk about the things I am passionate about. From that idea, Tea & Tales was born.

Writing this blog made me excited about reading and writing again, and I was slowly starting to feel better about myself. After I quit my job, the blog was the only bit of stability left for me. Things were looking pretty tough, but I really loved writing regularly and occupying myself with things I actually care about.

Right now, things are finally starting to look up. I got 2 new jobs, another one lined up for the Edinburgh Book Festival, and a PhD position at the University of Cambridge later this year. I have friends, a supportive partner and family, and am very happy! However, I am also very busy. Preparing for my PhD, working 2 jobs and moving house take up a lot of time and unfortunately the blog took the fall..

I know this sounds a bit like a goodbye post, but not to worry! It really isn’t. I love the blog, and even though there’s not a lot of readers I love all of you and would hate to let you down!

This message is merely to let you know that I’m really busy right now, and regular posts won’t be happening for a little while – but I’m definitely still here!

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