Victor Hugo Delicatessen (Edinburgh)

Today, as almost every Monday, my partner and I went for tea in beautiful Edinburgh. The sun was shining, the trees are blossoming, and we both felt a great pull to a cute little café situated by  a large park. As we are both continentals living in the UK, it was quite a nice change of things to go to Victor Hugo Delicatessen, a continental café.


This place is quite sweet! – especially for us foreigners: it is nice to get a sense of home. With the displays of cheeses, meats and breads, combined with the classic wooden floors and decorations, it’s all very European.
Going to this place is a quick fix for your European needs!

Although they offer all kinds of savoury foods here, I came with one thing in mind – cake. And oh my, do they have cake!


The tea they have here are from the brand TeaPigs again, and this time I went for the Rooibos Creme Brulee infusion. For my cake I selected a slice of carrot cake.

The tea was sweet, but not overly so, and with a nice amount of caramel in its flavour. It was comforting and warming, and although it didn’t really taste like crème brûlée, it did taste good.

However. That cake stole the show. I am a sucker for carrot cake anyways, but this one was the best I have ever had. I think this may be because there was a layer of cream cheese icing in the middle as well? It was deliciously moist and perfectly sweet and I loved it.

I am saying it right here, right now: for the best carrot cake in Edinburgh, go to Victor Hugo Delicatessen. Oh and they serve tea too.

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