Blog Layout Mistakes

Hi all! (Especially my loyal reader from Brazil, obrigada!)

So I’ve just browsed through the blog myself for the first time in a while annnd I noticed some layout issues, like how every post after March 28th was in full italics (I did not write it like that)! So as soon as I’ve got the time, probably this Sunday, I’ll have a look at it again and fix it all. Expect to see lots of updates!

I’m also considering adding new regular-ish features to the blog: a fairytale review, and a cooking/baking recipe using tea as an ingredient. These would only be every once in a while, maybe biweekly until I see if it goes down well. Let me know what you think!

Anyways, update over. Please enjoy your time on this blog, let me know what you think – and as always, thank you for reading! ❤

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