Café Nom de Plume (Edinburgh)

It’s hard, being on a diet and blogging about tea and cakes every Monday, not gonna lie. (Coincidentally, that may be a part of the reason why I’m on a diet…) That said, there is a specific kind of feeling of achievement when you’ve calculated your calorific budget so that you can fit in scone and cake on the same day!

Last week my partner and I experienced that joy when we went to Café Nom de Plume in Edinburgh. This is a kind of bohemian, hipsterish café that also does dinner etc. The decor is Mediterranean (?) in a way, and the staff is very friendly.


And sure, that’s all important and lovely – but let’s get to the tea and cakes!
The tea they serve here is regular Twinings bagged tea, nothing fancy but good enough. If you’re a bit of a tea snob, this may not be the place for you. The tea I went for was the Cranberry and Raspberry infusion? It was alright, heavy on the raspberry, your typical berry tea. The real stars of the show were the pastries though.

Did I mention our Instagram yet? ^_^ tea.and.tales

I went for a fruit scone with clotted cream, which you pay extra for, and a chocolate fudge cake. The clotted cream is really not worth it. It comes in a hotel style single serving package, and there’s a thick skin on top of it. It’s not particularly appetising, so beware. That said, the scone was lovely and I did like having the choice between many little jam packages.
The cake was something else entirely. The right amount of moist, the right amount of fudge, and so so beautiful too.

Short wrap up: this is a nice cafe. From what I could tell (and smell) the food here is good. It’s got a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere, and the staff is very good and attentive. Don’t go here for a mind blowing tea experience, but do enjoy the cakes.

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