Whoops, I went away

Oh dear reader, there’s a little bit of a gap on the blog here, and I’m sorry. The thing is that the previously mentioned exciting developments are still…developing, I went to the first SYP Scotland conference, and we went on a wee trip down south.

I won some books!

The conference was wonderful; I went to talks on publishing, bookselling, and the interplay between word and image in (children’s) picture books. I met up with some lovely people (you know who you are), ate some amazing food (best vegetarian and vegan conference food ever), and just had a great time!
After the conference I had to rush to catch the train down to Cambridge – feeling rather fancy (and almost important) I must admit – where we met up with a friend and had a graduation to attend. My partner became a Senior Member of King’s College! Hurrah!

Dinner at King's College

It was all hilariously pompous and intensely enjoyable, and we basically spent the weekend partying. We met up with friends, spent many hours playing Avalon (we’re that cool), and did a bit of sightseeing and punting.

Homerton College

We had a wonderful time and I quite frankly forgot to blog..so I’m hoping this blatant filler travel blog can fill the gap adequately! I hope you all had a great weekend as well, and I promise the final Diana Wynne Jones review will come out properly this Friday, and that I will provide updates on the mysterious developments as soon as I can okay Mum??

See you all here on Friday!

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