Clarinda’s Tea Room (Edinburgh)

It seems like finally, spring has sprung up here in cold, foggy Scotland!

The sun is shining, Arthur’s Seat is glistening in the sun, and I feel super cool in my sunglasses (alright, maybe not that cool, but still). There’s not much that can beat a walk through a sunlit Edinburgh, except maybe having an afternoon tea break. After going for a wee wander through this beautiful city, my partner and I sat down for a quick break in yet another Edinburgh tea establishment: Clarinda’s Tea Room.

Clarinda's Tea Room

Immediately upon walking into Clarinda’s Tea Room you are hit by the one main impression the decorations leave you with: that of a grandmother’s living room. It doesn’t really matter how hip your grandmother is, you’ll reckognise this style at once. The crochet table cloths, the plates and portraits on the walls, the fine china cups and saucers – everything fits. Even if you prefer the more modern, Eteaket-style interior designs, you will most probably feel comfortable here. There’s a party in your grandmother’s house, and you’re all having fabulous tea and cakes – what’s not to love?

As we had not eaten anything yet that day, we decided to share a Club Sandwich and both have a Cream Tea. Unfortunately, they’d run out of chicken, so we had a BLT instead. We got it all at the same time, so our table was (grandma-style) crammed with yummy looking food. The BLT was good, and came with a very English side of crisps – we’ve not seen that anywhere else so far, so it’s like encountering an old friend when we do. The scones were perfect: a bit crumbly, a bit buttery, a tad vanilla-y, and the fruits were not overpowering. The star of the show, however, was the strawberry jam. All in all, the food was delish.

Clarinda's Tea Room Edinburgh

The tea I had was a Lady Grey, a variation of the famous Earl Grey. Both Earl and Lady Grey are black teas flavoured with bergamot oil, but Lady Grey has additions of orange peel oil and lemon zest, which gives it a fresher and fruitier flavour than its counterpart has. The tea here comes as loose leaf, which is very nice – but you can’t take it out of the pot, so you’ll have to drink it fast if you don’t want it to get bitter.

This place is so nice. I would especially reccomend it to foreign students living in Edinburgh who are feeling a little bit homesick. Eat your feelings away, whilst imagining you’re back home visiting grandma! This tea room is located all the way down the Royal Mile, so it’s a nice place to catch a breather from all these tourists (especially if you’re visiting the city yourself!).
So do yourself a favour this spring, go to Clarinda’s Tea Room!

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