Mimi’s Picnic Parlour (Edinburgh)

It’s unbelievable but true. Dear reader, I kid you not. The weather here has been really nice lately! The sun was out all day and it was not too wet for once, which combined with my new job makes me giddy for spring time! To prematurely celebrate spring (which will probably actually take another half year to show up), I threw on my baby blue bumble bee dress and marched my dearest friend over to Mimi’s Picnic Parlour .


The Picnic Parlour is a cute little bakery, and part of the same branch as last week’s Bakehouse review. It’s got the same quirky style and amazing product quality! It is quite small though, but I wouldn’t recommend calling for a booking (it is, quite frankly, too small for that). There’s only 3 tables, and it’s got a maximum capacity of around 8 people. This gives it a vibe that reminds me a lot of The Little Lord Fauntleroy meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for some reason – but then with sexy pinup girls holding cakes on the walls.


The seats are comfortable and give an excellent opportunity for people watching on the Royal Mile – a brilliant tourist attraction!
It’s also a good place to go to if you want to have a quick relaxing break in your day. Because it’s so small, you won’t stay for hours on end – which is probably for the best because you cannot escape the view of the cake counter!


For tea I had a TeaPig Peppermint Tea, which is absolutely perfect to me. It’s a very heavy infusion, and if you’re not familiar with peppermint teas it may be too minty for you, as there are basically no other flavours to tickle your palate. I would recommend getting a fresh tea when you go here (If you’re having cake as well, which you will, because…why wouldn’t you?), because the portion sizes for the cakes are very generous and the sweetness can get a bit heavy if you go for a black tea.

If you can’t finish your cake (like me), the lovely ladies in the shop will offer you a bag to take it home with you – which I always think is really thoughtful. So thanks, Picnic Parlour for your excellent service!

Just like last week at the flagship Bakehouse, we had a lovely time and ate too much delicious cake. They told me another shop is opening in Leith and I am so excited for this branch to expand – their service is good and the food is excellent! If you’re in Edinburgh and looking for a kitschy rockabilly tea experience, go to Mimi’s.

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