Natural Food Kafe (Edinburgh)

As my wallet is slimming down at a whopping, jealousy inducing speed, and I am running out of places to review in Edinburgh, once again I find myself at a place that is not a traditional tea room.
Natural Food Kafe on Clerk Street is a small shop specialising in health foods. They opened last week, so they’re still setting up shop (“teething problems”, grumbled the owner). You can already see the style they’re going for, though, and because it’s new they are very, very cheap at the moment.


The style is clean and homely, rather like a stylish dinner room. I really love the red brick wall and long wooden tables, that seem to scream out for people to come and mingle. It also seems like the owner is a big Robbie Williams fan, as his greatest hits was on for its entirety – a funny touch that reminds me of my parents. Is it hip or cool? No, but you like it and know all the lyrics.
The chairs are very comfortable, and the cups etc. go well with the homely feel of the place. Many a family get together have I seen this kind of crockery at, and when you live so far away from home it’s nice to see it come back when you least expect it.


They have several kinds of teas for sale; Eteaket teas, Tea Pig, Highland blends – you name it. The origins of the serving teas, however, I do not know.
As I mentioned before, it’s very cheap at the moment. I had a delicious and delicate pot of Silver Needle tea that came with the cutest little muffin – for £1. Although this is not a shop specialising in tea, it definitely has quality to offer. Also the Internet is free, so I expect this to become a hipster student staple.


Final verdict: cute, young hipster shop that is definitely worth a look.

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